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"Earn your Degree with confidence!" Every single Degree offered through our Institution has cleared the intense scrutiny of State Verification; A strict Government protocol for 100% Religious Colleges & Universities.

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From everywhere across the U.S. and abroad, Pastors, Ministers, and other ministry leaders continue to choose DEEPER BIBLE COLLEGE. With a group of your peers, you receive Biblical Studies and Advanced Ministry skills! Our curriculum, courses, and every Degree offered at Deeper Bible College is current, proven, and up-to-date for real-world, advanced ministry application.

Degree Specializations
Focus your Degree in one of the following areas:

Marriage and Family
Organizational Leadership
Biblical Finance
Prophetic Ministry

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" — The best place we know of to earn a Spirit-filled, Advanced Ministry Degree Online!"

Doctor of Ministry (DMin)
Master of Ministry (MMin)
Bachelor of Ministry (BMin)
Associate of Biblical Studies (ABS)

We hold our Spirit-filled curriculum at the highest level of academic excellence. Our staff reflects a mandatory balance of academic credentials and extensive ministry experience.

9-Month Courses.
Ministry Experience Accepted.
Graduate with ZERO Debt.
100% Online.

As low as $108 a month, for 9-Months.
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