Deeper Bible College

Associate of Biblical Studies

60 Credits

The greatest compliment to our Lord, is your desire to learn. Imagine 24 incredible doctrines in Biblical Studies; your knowledge of The Word may never again be in question.

Put a Degree on it!

(Twice a week, for 9-Months)

Class Structure

Our students can learn from anywhere in the world. 100% Online!

Official Class Days:

Every Tuesday & Thursday

(Log-in any two days per week.)


Due to different time zones, there is no set time to log into class, but must log-in & complete two classes per week.

Course Length:

9-Month Academic Year


$108 (Per Month)

Speak with Instructors in class,

Interactive Discussion Board,

Learn with a Group of your Peers,

...All without ever leaving home!

Choose a Pricing Option

Deeper Bible College is known for working with students to make earning a Degree affordable. We may offer Full Scholarships, Reduced Student Tuition, or other. Due to the increased workload and expense of planning, verifying, preparing, shipping, and handling, etc of student's Graduation Exit Packet, each student will pay directly to Deeper Bible College, a fee of $150. This is a mandatory, one-time, fee for each graduating student attending commencement, or not. The Exit Packet Fee is a part of the financial requirement that must be met for successfully completing our Program. It is usually due January 31st of each graduating year.